XO Professional Series Flugelhorns feature a special bore and bell taper to produce the rich, warm timbre you expect from a premium quality instrument. The instruments come standard with French-style tuning slides, deluxe 3rd valve trigger, and your choice of hand-crafted yellow brass or rose brass bells. Dual lapped Monel pistons ensure smooth, responsive action. A solid nickel silver tunable leadpipe enhances the tonal focus creating an incredibly rich tone with great warmth and presence.

Common Specs: Yellow Brass Body, .413″ Bore, 6″ Hand-Crafted Bell, Nickel Silver Leadpipe, Monel Pistons, 3rd Valve Trigger w/ Mini-Ball Linkage, XO Professional Classic-Style Case


Lacquered Body, .413″ Bore, Yellow Brass Bell


Lacquered Body, .413″ Bore, Rose Brass Bell


Silver-Plated Body, .413″ Bore, SP Yellow Brass Bell


Silver-Plated Body, .413″ Bore, SP Rose Brass Bell