Banding Together Celebration
Banding Together Celebration

XO Arts

“The high-quality instruments created by XO offer all players limitless possibilities for the highest level of artistic expression.”
- Presidio Brass
"The XO 1634 is a groundbreaking instrument, combining that classic sound with a lightweight feel and a quick, free-blowing response, facilitating an ease of playing like no other horn of its kind."
- John Fedchock, XO Artist & 1634 Developer


Check out our Saxophone Neck Strap! 🎷
Awesome MJMS! We know that these kits will help make young musicians discovering new instruments easy and fun. #jupiterbandinstruments #tryoutkit
Drum roll please… Congratulations to Eden Prairie High School of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, for winning the Academic Alliance Quantum Mark II Sweepstakes. As the winner, Eden Prairie High School, an Academic Alliance member since 2019, will be the recipient of 5 snares, 3 tenors and 5 bass drums to be sized, configured and finished to their requests. Read more here: http://ow.ly/lpuF50A4dN5