KHS Music, the manufacturer of XO Professional Brass Instruments, is excited to announce the official launch of the XO Professional Double Horns (1650 and 1650D), the first French horns in the line. After over a decade of engineering and design, XO has unveiled a horn featuring superior slotting and intonation of notes in all ranges, with unparalleled consistency of feel and tonal balance across both sides of the instrument.
In his new role, Mr. Andreas will oversee all Sales and Marketing activities for KHS America's Educational Division including Jupiter, XO and Azumi Winds, Mapex and Majestic Concert and Marching Percussion, Sonor Orff, and the recent addition of Nuvo Instruments.
In an effort to continually provide useful free resources for band directors, KHS America has been working diligently to build upon their Virtual Education Series that was launched last spring. This new season of the series will focus on relevant topics and offer stimulating interaction with top experts.
KHS America has entered into a strategic partnership with L esson Squad to digitally empower affiliated artists across all of its musical instrument brands, including Mapex Drums, Jupiter & XO Winds, Hohner Harmonicas and Accordions, Hercules Stands and more.
For a limited time XO Brass is offering free consumer financing on all XO Brass instruments including the new 1634 Trombone.
KHS America, manufacturer of XO Sophisticated Brass Instruments, Jupiter Band Instruments, and many other fine brands announces the launch of its newest addition to their Professional Trombone line, the XO 1634 Tenor Trombone.
Hello I'm Roger Ingram and I am an XO Brass artist, clinician and educator. Today I'd like to talk to you about the 1600I Bb trumpet that I helped design with the XO Brass design team.
XO Sophisticated Brass is proud to welcome professional trumpet artist, clinician and educator, Brad Goode, as the newest member of the KHS America Academic Alliance performing on the XO 1646RL flugelhorn.
Presidio Brass represents a bold new generation in brass entertainment. Combining brass quintet with piano and percussion instruments and employing fresh and original arrangements, their unique sound has become a trademark for the ensemble, captivating audiences everywhere.