KHS America Mourns The Loss Of XO Artist Lance LaDuke

Recently, the Jupiter/XO family lost a cherished member. Lance LaDuke was not only an incredible musician, educator, and brass enthusiast; he was a true friend of the KHS America team. His exuberance for life, consistently positive outlook, and genuine desire to engage with all around him made him a stranger to no one. Lance actively helped us develop and grow the XO brand. He was an advocate for Jupiter Band instruments and the epitome of everything we try to represent as a company. He was actively invested in every student he ever encountered and strove to help them find their own musical voice. Although Lance took his craft very seriously, his constant humor put everyone around him at ease, which can be rare when in the presence of such talent. KHS America has become a better company and stronger advocate for music education because of Lance’s influence. He is truly missed.

As evident in the video below, Lance embraced all KHS America brands, including those beyond wind instruments. Please enjoy this fun parody that exhibits the humor Lance brought to everyday life. Rest in Peace, Lance.