1650 Bb/F Double Horn

The XO 1650 double horn featuring a Geyer wrap was designed and developed in collaboration with highly respected engineers, technician, and hornists. With a warm focused tone, exceptional slotting, it merges performance and practicality.

Excellent Response and Brilliant Tone

"3D" F Side Tube

The reimagined one-piece F tube is produced from a groundbreaking new 3D bending process, allowing notes to slot more easily while providing outstanding overall response.

One-piece Leadpipe

The one-piece leadpipe provides reduced resistance and superior intonation. It produces complex harmonics with a consistent playing feel.

Personalized Comfort

Adjustable Thumb Key Lever

Multi-axis positioning ensures relaxed, stress-free hand position.

Adjustable Finger Hook

The clamping mechanism allows for easy adjustment of the pinky finger hook to best suit the hand and playing style of the performer.

Durable & Reliable

String Lever Action

Traditional string linkage provides smooth and quiet synchronous response of lever and rotor.

Phosphor Bronze Bottom Caps

Advanced metallurgy offers increased resistance to wear and corrosion.

1650 1650 1650D
Key Bb/F Bb/F Bb/F
Bore Size 0.472" 0.472" 0.472"
Bell Size 12.2" 12.2" 12.2"
Body Materials Yellow Brass Yellow Brass Yellow Brass
Bell Type Fixed / Detachable Fixed Detachable
Lever Action String String String
Wrap Geyer Geyer Geyer
Finger Hook Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Thumb Key Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Product Finish Lacquered Lacquered Lacquered