John Fedchock on His 1632RGL-LT Trombone


Hi I'm John Fedchock. I'd like to talk to you about a new trombone I've been involved in designing over the past two years – The XO Brass 1632 professional tenor trombone.

It’s been designed based on my personal preferences and specifications to perform at all the situations I've encountered in the professional world. What we've come up with is an extremely lightweight and well-balanced 500 bore horn built for the professional. We’ve used a thinly-spun 7.5 inch gold brass bell with a very high 85% copper content, and applied a special torch annealing process to the bell’s crucial tension points. We've also oven-annealed the tuning slide. These things combined with an extra small bell liner give the horn a rich warm sound with a very quick response.

The slide is super lightweight, making it extra quick so I could easily get around regardless of how fast I'm playing. We've streamlined the construction of the warm by stripping away all unnecessary weight, even using a trumpet style water key for simplicity. We minimize all extraneous elements that might not really serve a specific musical purpose, and the result is a no-nonsense design that's extremely efficient. In addition to the sound benefits, the bracing placement gives an extremely comfortable grip for the left hand. There's no stretching involved, so the horn requires little to no effort to maintain its position, alleviating all tension in the left hand.

We've also left no stone unturned regarding what lead pipe to use in this horn. We chose one that has great clarity with articulations and also it creates a very free blowing feeling especially in the upper register. The overtone series is really well defined and the intonation is impeccable throughout the entire range of the instrument.

Want to know more amazing features about this trombone? Check out this video: