Professional Design for Professional Players – Buddy Deshler on XO 1602S Professional Series Bb Trumpet

Hi! I'm Buddy Deshler here to show you the XO 1602S trumpet.

XO professional brass is specifically designed to meet the demands of today's top players across all genres of music. Innovative design and state of the art production techniques come together to create instruments that are recognized by working professionals as offering some of the best performance options available in the contemporary marketplace.

The XO 1602S trumpet features a medium large bore. 4.8 inch hand hammered yellow brass bell, traditional slide configuration, and two-piece valve casings with nickel silver balusters. Personally this is the trumpet that I utilize most often in performance. It's easy to play. It's responsive. The tone quality is great, and the pitch centers are always there. I really feel that the combination of the 0.459 bore and this particular bell configuration allow the instrument to be extremely responsive and versatile.

I prefer the standard lead pipe configuration of this trumpet. It provides the resistance that I prefer, allowing me to confidently center pitches throughout the range of the instrument. The valve casings are a true authentic two-piece design and incorporate nickel silver balusters for stability and strength. This ensures precise alignment for smooth valve performance. Additionally the hand-fitted monel valves undergo a two-stage lapping process for a smooth feel and fast performance.

The included extras with the 1602S include both elliptical and rounded tuning slides to customize air flow to your personal taste. You also receive an accessory kit with optional lightweight springs, weighted valve caps, and metallic finger buttons. Through experimenting with different combinations of these, you can achieve the custom look and feel that best suits your playing. All of these features come together to create an instrument that is truly a joy to play. And remember, all XO professional brass instruments come with the XO performance care warranty for a period of 10 years from the original date of purchase. I think that this speaks volumes. Not only about the quality of these fine brass instruments, but of the integrity of the company that builds them.

The Hercules DS5 10BB trumpet stand is the perfect companion for the XO 1602S trumpet. It's the perfect place to set your horn when taking a break from practicing at home, or between sets at the gig. Again we've been talking about the XO 1602S trumpet. Professional design for professional players.

See how buddy talks about the 1602S Professional Series Trumpet, check out this video: