Roger Ingram on XO 1600I Trumpet

Hello I'm Roger Ingram and I am an XO Brass artist, clinician and educator. Today I'd like to talk to you about the 1600I Bb trumpet that I helped design with the XO Brass design team. When we developed this trumpet, the intent was to produce a horn that I felt would be the instrument of choice for any player, not just myself, and personally I think we did it.

Features and Benefits of the XO 1600I Trumpet

One of the things I enjoy about this trumpet most is the bore size. It's a .453 medium bore all the way through. It plays very consistently and I feel that's one of the reasons why it slots so well. And because of the Bell diameter which is 4.8 inches and the rose brass lead pipe, it has such a nice smoky sound in the mid register when you want to play classical music, or if you want to play a nice ballad.

The valve action is fantastic because the valves are made of stainless steel. And I love the way the horn has been trimmed with the nickel silver balusters. I couldn't be happier with how these turned out.

When you buy this horn, it comes with a little kit. It comes with a great tweed case, a very handsome case. Included in the package, it comes with an elliptical tuning slide, which is my personal choice, and it also comes with a rounded tuning slide. And it comes with a standard set of finger buttons, or a thin set of finger buttons without the mother-of-pearl tops. And the bottom caps, you can get standard or heavyweight caps. And also, it comes with two sets of springs you can use – regular and light action valve springs. Now I prefer the metal valve guides, the standard bottom caps, the standard of valve buttons, and I like the regular springs. With the release of the 1600I B-flat trumpet, we introduced the XO Nova stabilizer, which when used help slotting above a high G.

The 1600I B-flat trumpet has the best sound, the best pitch, and the best field of any trumpet I've ever played. I just love it!

Check out how Roger talks about his 1600I trumpet:

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